I am trying to understand what my Mom is doing.  She has got out the digital camera and taking picture after picture of some of her "jewelry"...then she's bring out the tape measure and examining the items in more detail than when she cleans my ears.  Ouch!

Well since she is ignoring me, I guess I shall go snore for her amusement in my big purple chair.  Mind you I don't snore 'cuz I need to snore, I do it only to make her laugh in the hopes she'll come and rub my chest and belly.
So you're making the adventure to read the truth I see. Congratulations!  My mother says I'm quite the character, but truth is - she is the one full of "character".  She is not the sharpest tool in the shed...

Shortly after she brought me into her home she was working on restringing another dingy glittering item (she says it's jewelry - whatever!).  Well one of those big ol' balls rolled on the floor and hid from her - but not me - nor my nose and belly that decided it had to check it out...  Of course the big ol' "pearl" "reappeared", but Mom said that was even too gross for her and luckily had "extras".  Geez Mom, if you'd just for once put that stuff away so it doesn't tempt a lil' beagle then you'd never have these issues.

When will humans learn?  I don't know.

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